Thursday, August 6, 2015

Littlite Helps a Musician Solve Keyboard Instrument Illumination Problems

Do you have difficulty illuminating your keyboard?

Are you having a problem finding a light that finds your exact needs?
piano light

Sam from southern California had the same problem. No light he found supported new instrument designs. Most lights he found were chunky with large diameter bases that proved to be impractical.

Our knowledgeable staff members identified his needs and recommended a few quality piano light solutions. Finding a light design to accommodate his needs seemed out of reach then he purchased an Anser AN-DL18-LED 18" gooseneck light, it changed the way he plays music!

“A small base with a narrow gooseneck topped off with a equally narrowed lighthead is something I would recommend to keyboard musicians everywhere,” says Sam. Read the rest of Sam’s review on our website!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, our knowledgeable staff members can help you find a piano light that fits your needs. Call (888) 224-5801 to speak with a member from our team today! Or, visit our products page!

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