Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Connector? No problem!

One of the sad facts of life is that not every audio console includes a task light connector. As you can imagine, this state of affairs baffles us, confounds us, causes us great confusion and keeps us awake at night. However, our mission to provide reliable task lighting for all those audio soldiers will not be thwarted by this glaring omission.

Sure, you can use one of our free standing work lights such as the LW-18-LED (and please, do!) but often your work space is limited and finding room for a desk lamp can be a problem. A problem with a solution.

When we designed our own XLR connector a few years ago, we built in some extra functionality that enables us to produce our new 18X-LED-NA. It kinda sorta looks like a regular Littlite but it has a little something extra.

The 18X-LED-NA is designed to plug into any XLR panel socket such as an open microphone input and plugs into any regular power strip or wall socket for power. (No, you can’t power it with phantom power, sorry). We’ve removed the pin insert from the XLR connector and we’ve included a dimmer control (Bonus!).

Our Gen V LED circuitry provided gobs of warm, white light and the 18X-LED-NA, like all Littlite products, is built to take a beating.     

Authored by: Donn

Monday, May 12, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Littlite “Anser”

PRODUCT REVIEW:  Littlite “Anser”
by Alan H.

Thank you for allowing me to 'test drive' the Littlite.  Yes. I have put it to good use.  I have used it almost everyday. I have an office in my basement, where I do some work or just play around with music (practicing or amateur recording). I set the light on top of my computer tower, shining down on my desk. It works as a great task light for anything that I have to read on my desk (including music lead sheets). I love the fact that I can position the light a fair distance away from where I'm working and still get a decent light intensity to see well. And, the gooseneck allows me to move the light around and use it for a variety of uses that a typical desk light would be too cumbersome, for instance making a connection in the back of my computer, looking at the contents of a drawer, finding something that dropped on the floor. Plus, the light, itself, has a pleasant, incandescent feel to it.

The weight of the base has been most adequate for almost every position I've put it in; tipping over was not a problem with me.

Being an engineer, I had some other comments:

    The unit "feels" robust.  It appears to be solid.  The dimmer feels high quality (I use it to turn it on/off)
    I took the bottom off to see what was was surprisingly simple (great for reduction of potential problems).
    The steel plates on the bottom are a very effective and low-cost solution for weighing down the base.
    I'm assuming that the lamp is LED...good for long life.
    I like the fact that the temperature of the light does not get real hot.  It is warm..but, I'm not going to get burned by touching it.

It appears that you did a pretty good job designing the unit.  The light performs quite well.

Shared by Rhonda Fackert: One of our development goals was to produce a Littlite that had the warm incandescent feel to it, like our classic halogen series, only with LED’s. We were excited to see in Alan’s review that he noted the pleasant, incandescent feel and later was not sure of the light being LED. The “Anser” with the LED concealed in the end of the hood, makes it difficult to determine the light source.  We are pleased that our engineering goals to meet customer demand for a dimmable LED task light with an incandescent feel appears to be fulfilled with our new “Anser” Littlite.