Thursday, March 28, 2019

Our LED Evolution.

Way back in 2003 we introduced the Littlite LED gooseneck task light series. Those first-generation products used six (!) white LED chips to produce a rather modest light output with a cool, blue color temperature (6000K). It was a start.

Since most Littlite users were accustomed to the performance of our Q5 lamp, that became the initial benchmark for our LED lights in terms of output and color temperature. “More light” and “warmer color” were the most common requests from our customers.  

Thanks to improvements in LED technology over the years we’ve been able to make dramatic improvements in our LED products without increasing cost and, in some cases, actually lowering the cost of our LED lights. Additionally, LED technology has enabled us to manufacture a wide range of specialized task lights including Ultra Violet, Night Vision Green and Infrared task lights.

Our current Standard Gen V LED lights outperform the Q5 in output (398 LUX vs. 235 Lux) and produce a warm white light output (4000K) while our ANSER products blast out 795 Lux with a toasty 3100K color temp.

The we started getting requests for cooler light temperatures.

And that got us thinking about a Littlite that would satisfy different customer requirements in a single lamp which brings us to our new LED-3 and LED-3-UV products.

The Littlite LED-3 enables the user to select between three discrete light outputs: Warm (3000K) Daylight (5000K) and Cool (6500K). Littlite LED-3-UV products are selectable between White, Red and UV outputs. Both are available in all of our usual lampset configurations including IS/Installation and Automotive products.

One lamp, three lights. Goldilocks would approve.