Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anser LED Lamps To the Rescue For One Thankful Mom!

Do you have a baby that fusses in the middle of the night?

With courtesy from Melissa Chistopherson.
Do you find that turning on a light switch disturbs your child because they need to adjust to the harsh lighting?

Have other lights in the past failed to satisfy your needs?  

Anser LED lamp from Littlite may be the answer!

According to Melissa Christopherson, a satisfied customer, “I love, love, love using my Littlite during the middle of the night to care for our little one.  I can’t imagine a better way to light up a small section of the room.” Read the rest of Melissa’s review on our website!

Littlite strives to offer you the best LED lamp solution for your home, office and now nursery! The Anser LED lamp never fails to disappoint as it has many helpful applications. Our knowledgeable staff members can identify with your needs and recommend quality solutions like an Anser. Call (888) 224-5801 now to order your light today!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Find the Right Desk Light For Your Lectern or Pulpit Today!

Littlite products have grown from music consoles to many other areas, including desk lights!  We have a sleek modern weighted base and with our latest offering the Anser was designed with architects in mind.

LW – This desk light is our only model that comes permanently mounted to the weighted base and has a flush design of the gooseneck into the base.  The LW comes as both halogen or LED desk lights.  More about LW lights at:

CC – This desk light can also come as a lampset and offers our latest dimming technology, with a constant current dimmer that dims better through the entire range of light.
 Anser – Our latest offering and our most advanced light yet. Sleek small spot light with its warm color temperature and increased brightness is ideal for a modern desk. More about our Anser light at:

Littlite strives to offer you the best desk light solution for your home or office, and have many options available! To find the light that fits your needs, visit our products page and make a purchase that will change the way you view lighting!