Thursday, March 28, 2019

Our LED Evolution.

Way back in 2003 we introduced the Littlite LED gooseneck task light series. Those first-generation products used six (!) white LED chips to produce a rather modest light output with a cool, blue color temperature (6000K). It was a start.

Since most Littlite users were accustomed to the performance of our Q5 lamp, that became the initial benchmark for our LED lights in terms of output and color temperature. “More light” and “warmer color” were the most common requests from our customers.  

Thanks to improvements in LED technology over the years we’ve been able to make dramatic improvements in our LED products without increasing cost and, in some cases, actually lowering the cost of our LED lights. Additionally, LED technology has enabled us to manufacture a wide range of specialized task lights including Ultra Violet, Night Vision Green and Infrared task lights.

Our current Standard Gen V LED lights outperform the Q5 in output (398 LUX vs. 235 Lux) and produce a warm white light output (4000K) while our ANSER products blast out 795 Lux with a toasty 3100K color temp.

The we started getting requests for cooler light temperatures.

And that got us thinking about a Littlite that would satisfy different customer requirements in a single lamp which brings us to our new LED-3 and LED-3-UV products.

The Littlite LED-3 enables the user to select between three discrete light outputs: Warm (3000K) Daylight (5000K) and Cool (6500K). Littlite LED-3-UV products are selectable between White, Red and UV outputs. Both are available in all of our usual lampset configurations including IS/Installation and Automotive products.

One lamp, three lights. Goldilocks would approve.     

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Where Did We Come From??

We've been around quite a while and a lot of people wonder how Littlite came to be. Well, if a picture is worth a thousands words, then a video must be good for a million words or at least the average acceptance speech at the Grammys.

Here's our story as told to the audience at the 2011 Parnelli Awards courtesy of PLSNtv:

Parnelli Littlite Video

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Custom Color output for your Littlite LED.

Did you know that you can customize the light output of your Littlite LED?

Our standard LED lights have a clear filter that snaps in and out of the LED hood. These filters have two sets of slots designed to hold a piece of standard lighting gel enabling you to change the color output of your Littlite.

             Clear LED Lens                Add some color gel                                    Grinchy, man!

Detailed instructions can be found here: How Do I Do This?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FDB (Flat Display Bracket) Accessory

If you’re dealing with a tight work space and no place to put a much needed work light, we might have just the solution for you if you are also parking in front of a typical computer monitor.

Our FDB bracket is designed to piggyback on a standard FDMI/VESA mount. Our bracket accommodates both the 100mm and 75mm hole patterns and can mount a Littlite lampset in a variety of orientations depending on where you need the light to be. . over, under or on either side of the monitor. Heck, you could even mount multiple Littlites.


VoilĂ !

And the FDB also works to add a light to rack rail:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


When we were approached to design a microscope light with two adjustable arms we immediately went to work adapting our ANSER series for this application. The results were better that even we imagined and a we knew it would be a great light for many other applications such as hobby and crafts and macro-photography. 

The two 3-Watt LED lights can be positioned to illuminate objects from two different angles eliminating shadows and the light quality and output remains consistent no matter how long the light is in use. The compact, low profile LED head is easy to position without intruding into your work space.

Sometime two heads ARE better than one!   

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The LED Era

The growing acceptance of LED lights opens up a lot of new possibilities for manufacturers like Littlite. LED technology has advanced at a rapid rate enabling us to respond to some pretty specific task lighting requests including lighting compatible with night vision optics, infra-red lighting and, now, ultraviolet lighting.

Our custom UV-LED lights can be used to verify security watermarks in currency, driver’s license and other forms of I.D. Most of our UV-LED configurations also toggle between UV and a white light output enabling them to multi-task between a security check light and an ordinary task light . . . perfect for hospitality industry applications.

Littlite LED Task Lights . . . a lot of performance in a small package.        

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No Connector? No problem!

It pains us to admit that sometimes a sound or lighting console fails to provide a connector for a task light! It keeps us awake at night but never fear, we at Littlite have some options that will enable you to light up your work space.

Option number one is a no brainer: Get yourself a Littlite lampset such as the the L-18-LED and install it in our Cast Weighted Base (CWB) assembly or, if you want a dimming LED light, our LW-LED series comes out of the box complete in a weighted base. Plop that thing next to your console, plug it into the wall or power strip and you are good to go. Heck, take it with you at the end of the night and use it a reading light, too!

Is work space tight around your console? Not enough room for a free-standing light? If you have an unused mic input on your audio console (maybe you can unplug the drummer’s vocal mic?), you can use it to hold our 18X-LED-NA. Power comes from the usual external power supply included with the light (nope, it does not use phantom power) and the light includes an in-line dimmer. Also available in a right angle version: 18XR-LED-NA.


Option number three is really slick. Our ANSER series LED lights are designed to operate on input voltage as low as 5-VDC. Yep, with an ANSER LED light and ANSER-USB accessory cable, that spare USB port on your console is now a power point for your task light. The ANSER produces a bright (796 Lux), warm (3100K) white light and includes a full range dimmer.

So there you go, no connector, no problem.