Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Littlites Popping Up Everywhere

Littlites as most people know them have been the light of choice on music consoles for the last 35 years.  They were designed to be rugged, to withstand being shipped on tour and the rigors of the road.  The lifetime warranty backs it up even if the light has an extra hard life.   Like somebody accidentally driving over it with the tour bus…

This makes the light a natural choice for industrial applications.  Where durability is key on a machine that may process 40 jobs an hour.  You don’t want a cheap imported light that only lasts 6 months and when it breaks it stops or affects production until you get the light replaced, you want something that lasts as long as the machine!

We have had some manufacturing customers learn about our lights, and as far as cost goes we are on the low end for the competitive range of lights industrially.  We have started to pop up, and light up, some new and interesting applications. 

Recently we had a customer purchase our lights for his automatic hole punching machine, to help the machine detect the color differences needed for its operation.  The light has held up to the vibration and is significantly reducing defects.  Also we have another customer who is using them for quality inspection, our Anser light with its end out light is a perfect fit for quality inspection benches.  We have another customer that is using them in trains, in the front engine car for the engineers to see the train controls.  And yet another customer is using them for lighting on electrical chassis system.   And a final amusing one, a customer calls our light “the marriage saver” because she uses it to read before bed and her husband didn’t want to be kept awake by a bright light. 

For more information about our lights, check us out at www.littlite.com

Authored by: Kristine