Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Started Gift-Wrapping… By Accident!

Over the past year, we started gift-wrapping Littlite orders placed on our direct website when requested by the customer. So far, there have only been a couple. We’ve done one birthday wrapping and one for the Holidays.  It’s a pretty heart warming task that allows us to connect with our
customers on a more personal level.

When we received our first request for gift wrapping, we weren’t quite sure what to do. The reason for that being we weren’t even aware that there was an option for gift-wrapping available on our direct website! Maybe it was default on the web page we were using. Or maybe we unknowingly
selected the option to be on the website. Either way, we aren’t really sure how it got there but once we realized it was there, we had fun with it!  Barb, our graphic designer, and myself found some supplies, neatly wrapped the order and stuck a bow on it. We left the handwriting in the personalized greeting card to Rhonda, our general manager. It was decided that out of the three of us, Rhonda had the fanciest handwriting. We all had a blast working together to bring some cheer to the already stunning Littlite.

After sending the gift, I got the chance to speak with the customer of our first gift wrapping on the phone and asked if the recipient of the gifted light had mentioned anything about it. The customer let me know that the recipient was VERY impressed with the personalization we put into it and really loved everything about it. Our first gift-wrapping was definitely a success and not to mention an overall fun experience for us. In fact, we loved it so much, we decided to keep on wrappin’!

Written by: Brianna

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Moving Wall comes by Littlite

Today the Vietnam Moving Wall rolled by Littlite on its continuing journey across the country.  The wall was escorted by Rolling Thunder the biking group, traveling 26 miles from Brighton, MI to our little town of Hamburg, MI.  It will be there on display and illuminated at night through Labor Day at Bennett Park.   John and Kristine took a break from the production factory of Littlite to enjoy the beautiful day and remember those who “Gave It All!

When you get a chance thank a veteran!

Friday, July 18, 2014

“It’s Little, Light . . .”

We’re often asked how to pronounce the name of our company . . . “no, not lit light, Little Light” and sometimes it gives us an opportunity to talk about the fundamental purpose of our products.

Okay, so the “Light” part is obvious; we make lights. Starting first with regular incandescent lights over 30 years ago, then halogen models and finally introducing our LED series way back in 2003. Although originally designed to be used as detachable work lights for audio mixers and lighting controllers, people soon found other uses for Littlites. It is not unusual to find a Littlite in a police car (illuminating the on-board computer), on a lectern, in a computer lab or even in a military vessel/vehicle.

What might not be as obvious is the “Little” part . . . one of the things that makes our products so versatile and useful is our unique design. We didn’t invent task lights and we didn’t invent gooseneck task lights either but we did originate and work to perfect a robust, high-quality task light in a compact, space saving, easy to position package. After all, a work light isn’t very useful if you can’t put the light where you need it without it becoming obtrusive.

And it must have been a good idea because it’s been “borrowed” over and over again although usually with mixed results. No one offers the range of products we do. Over 300 configurations with different light types, gooseneck lengths and mounting options. And no one offers the customization options we can provide such as our night vision green work lights and numerous specialty OEM products.

Our determination to provide a professional grade product means we won't cut corners and jeopardize quality with plastic parts or flimsy gooseneck material. People who use and depend on our products expect quality and recognize the value of our lights. Make a cheap, temporary, disposable light? Nah, that’s not what we do and it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

We could have called it “Littlegoodversatilelight” but that wouldn’t fit on the packaging.

Authored by: Donn

Medical Cart Lighting Solutions