Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Find The Right Mounting Accessory For Your Hobby & Craft Workshop Light Cont’d

In our first installment, we discussed five mounting accessories that allow you to clip, clamp, stick, or set a gooseneck workshop light wherever you need it. This time we want to suggest the following mounting plate options that would be ideal for pulpit, lecterns, and desks.

MP = mounting plate for P-Series and/or the DM or PS.  Mount your light and your dimmer in two different locations
workshop lighting
MP-2 = dual mounting plate for P-series and/or DM or PS
workshop lighting
 MP-3 = lectern mounting plate for any lampset with top mount gooseneck
workshop lighting
RAKIT = mounting bracket, Mounts L series to your rack rail or any surface.
workshop lighting
SP = Stabilizer Plate for CWB.  Adds extra stability to your CWB.
workshop lighting
 SM = snap mount, quick release fastener with adhesive backing
workshop lighting
Littlite offers a variety of mounting plate options for workshop lighting and just about any application! If for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied, contact one of our knowledgeable staff members to help identify your solution. We want you to get the most out of your gooseneck light experience!

Friday, June 19, 2015

9/11 Memorial comes by Littlite

Written by John Parzuchowski

On June 19, the mobile 9/11 Memorial rolled by our Littlite LLC. factory.  The memorial was escorted by our local fire & police departments and Rolling Thunder traveling 26 miles from Howell, MI to our little town of Hamburg, MI.  

It will be there throughout the Hamburg Family Fun Fest at Bennett Park. John, Ken, and Greg, a volunteer fireman, took a break from the production factory of Littlite to enjoy the beautiful day and remember those who “Gave It All!” When you get a chance thank a policeman or fireman!  

Thank you Greg for what you do!