Monday, March 9, 2015

Unsung Hero

Written by: Rhonda Fackert

Waiting to enter the LDI Parnelli awards in 2012, I struck up a conversation with a couple standing at my tabletop. As conversations usually go we asked what each other did in the entertainment industry.  He was Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar tech. What he said that evening when I told him I was with Littlite has stayed with me. He stated that “Littlites were the unsung hero of the entertainment industry” and he has been using them for years.

Unsung hero – yes- Littlites have been illuminating low light environments and we have been doing it in partnership with other unsung heroes, like the guitar tech I spoke to, for 35+ years.

Toledo Zoo Amphitheater July 2014 - Willie Nelson & Alison Krauss and Union Station. It was a beautiful summer evening and fun concert. Looking over at the mixing console I saw Littlites assisting another unsung hero, the console operator. I meandered over & asked if I could take a picture (see below).  He obliged. Willie and his sister Bobbie are in their 80’s and still performing. I didn’t ask how old the console operator was, although he stated he’s been mixing for Willie over 30 years. 

While on vacation this year, Jim and I happened to stay in an area where a Special Operations conference was being held. On the beach, a special ops unit practiced with their dogs for their demonstration. The next day, during the demonstration as I watched the dogs, their trainers, police officers and many special operations team members, I again thought of unsung heroes and Littlites, as Littlites assist police officers, military and control tower operators all over the world.

I am proud of Littlite’s role as an unsung hero, helping other unsung heroes in their work and their lives. I will be forever thankful to the guitar tech who shared that statement with me, that evening, a few years ago.