Monday, March 10, 2014

Helping someone add our lights to a unique or unusual application is sometimes challenging but always fun. Here's an example of one of the fun projects. There was very little space left in this synth module case for any sort of lighting  . . but that's okay, we are Littlite after all . . . a couple of XLR panel sockets on the outside of the case, wire them to a power supply outlet jack on the side of the case, add a couple of X-Series Littlite LED gooseneck lights and it's mission accomplished once again.

Authored by: Donn

Friday, March 7, 2014

One of the questions/requests we get asked a lot is why can't we make a Littlite that would operate in a phantom powered mic input. Setting aside the absurd notion of an open, unused mic input on an audio console, (it could happen but I've never seen it), I sent a telegram to our army of technical technicians located in the room next door and asked them: "Can we make a phantom powered Littlite for an audio console?"

Ten minutes later the following reply came via courier pigeon:  

Phantom power is supplied to microphones over the microphone's audio cable. In
the old days, capacitor microphones had tube amplifiers in the microphone to
amplify the small high impedance signal. The standard for phantom power is +48
volts applied to BOTH sides of the audio signal pair through two resistors, with the V- connected to ground and shield. The voltage is too high for efficiently driving LED's, and the available current, limited by the series resistors, is a maximum of 2 to 10 mA, depending on the console design. (That is a maximum of about a tenth of a watt available.)

It is possible that that a lamp with a bunch of LED’s in series, like maybe 8, could
be powered from the phantom supply, but the other detail is that any disturbance
to the phantom supply could cause noise in sensitive audio inputs, which, as they
say, would be bad.

So, in other words: No.

Authored by: Donn


Monday, March 3, 2014

Our first Blog!

Welcome to the Littlite Blog page. We’re a little late to the Blogging party but we’ve been busy making Littlites and sending them to our customers all over the planet.

But now that we’re here we’ll be using this page to talk about a variety of things that interest us and hopefully interest you as well. We will talk about Littlite and lighting of course but we’ll also talk about other topics that tickle our fancy. Oscar picks, horoscope info (Virgo, thanks), Michigan weather, Apple vs. PC, probably not Justin Bieber, music, movies, coffee and did I mention Michigan weather?

So, stop in every now and then and see what we’re up to and, oh by the way, like us on Facebook because we hear that’s the thing to do these days.

Authored by: Donn