Sunday, July 19, 2015

5 Essential Tips to Giving a Great Speech!

Does giving a speech wreck your nerves?

Have you ever given a speech that failed to motivate a crowd?

You’re not alone, many people struggle to give effective speeches. It’s important to improve your interpersonal skills over time. With enough practice, you can learn to develop a relationship with the crowd you’re speaking to. Almost anyone can give a great speech if you know what to do beforehand to prepare and ensure you deliver your speech on point.
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According to Forbes, you want to follow these tips to become an effective speaker:
1.    Practice out loud
2.    Focus on friendly faces around the room
3.    Use relaxation techniques if you’re nervous
4.    Don’t read your speech, memorize it
5.    Stand up straight
6.    Lead with an anecdote
7.    Keep it simple, focusing on one clear message
8.    Keep it short (5-7 minutes)
9.    Show your emotion with body language and voice inflection
10.    Clearly articulate your words

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Imagine giving a speech with no hiccups or hesitations. You’ll be able to rock it out if you follow these essential tips to giving a great speech!

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