Thursday, May 22, 2014

No Connector? No problem!

One of the sad facts of life is that not every audio console includes a task light connector. As you can imagine, this state of affairs baffles us, confounds us, causes us great confusion and keeps us awake at night. However, our mission to provide reliable task lighting for all those audio soldiers will not be thwarted by this glaring omission.

Sure, you can use one of our free standing work lights such as the LW-18-LED (and please, do!) but often your work space is limited and finding room for a desk lamp can be a problem. A problem with a solution.

When we designed our own XLR connector a few years ago, we built in some extra functionality that enables us to produce our new 18X-LED-NA. It kinda sorta looks like a regular Littlite but it has a little something extra.

The 18X-LED-NA is designed to plug into any XLR panel socket such as an open microphone input and plugs into any regular power strip or wall socket for power. (No, you can’t power it with phantom power, sorry). We’ve removed the pin insert from the XLR connector and we’ve included a dimmer control (Bonus!).

Our Gen V LED circuitry provided gobs of warm, white light and the 18X-LED-NA, like all Littlite products, is built to take a beating.     

Authored by: Donn

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