Sunday, August 2, 2015

Find the Best LED Reading Light Soultion for Your Lectern!

Littlite products have grown from music consoles to many other areas, including lectern led reading lights!  We have designed a flush plate mount to create a professional streamlined look on a lectern.

LA Series – this is our original lectern light, with a flush mount plate for a sleek looking installation.  This light comes with a detachable gooseneck option for your convenience to remove the light when not needed.  The LA is available as a Halogen or LED light, in our standard lengths.  It also comes with a power supply.

IS Series – our IS Installation Series offering is essentially our lampsets with a cord coming out the bottom.  This allows you to hide the cord from view on the lectern.
One of our latest offerings, the MPIII plate can convert most of our lampsets into a lectern light included our newest light the Anser.

Littlite strives to offer you the best lighting solution for your home or office, and have many options available! To find more information about these led reading lights visit 

MPIII information:

Lectern led reading lights information:

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