Tuesday, March 8, 2016

No Connector? No problem!

It pains us to admit that sometimes a sound or lighting console fails to provide a connector for a task light! It keeps us awake at night but never fear, we at Littlite have some options that will enable you to light up your work space.

Option number one is a no brainer: Get yourself a Littlite lampset such as the the L-18-LED and install it in our Cast Weighted Base (CWB) assembly or, if you want a dimming LED light, our LW-LED series comes out of the box complete in a weighted base. Plop that thing next to your console, plug it into the wall or power strip and you are good to go. Heck, take it with you at the end of the night and use it a reading light, too!

Is work space tight around your console? Not enough room for a free-standing light? If you have an unused mic input on your audio console (maybe you can unplug the drummer’s vocal mic?), you can use it to hold our 18X-LED-NA. Power comes from the usual external power supply included with the light (nope, it does not use phantom power) and the light includes an in-line dimmer. Also available in a right angle version: 18XR-LED-NA.


Option number three is really slick. Our ANSER series LED lights are designed to operate on input voltage as low as 5-VDC. Yep, with an ANSER LED light and ANSER-USB accessory cable, that spare USB port on your console is now a power point for your task light. The ANSER produces a bright (796 Lux), warm (3100K) white light and includes a full range dimmer.

So there you go, no connector, no problem.

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