Friday, July 24, 2015

Find the Right LED Reading Light For Your Lectern Or Pulpit!

Littlite gooseneck lighting has evolved throughout the years.  We started 35 years ago with a 2 Watt Incandescent bulb (our Classic LO line), then added a 5 Watt Halogen bulb (our Classic HI line), and in 2003 we added our Signature LED line.  We’re now on our 5th Generation of LED reading lights and their performance has improved significantly over that time.  Below is a summary of our different lamp’s performance:

Feature                                  LO                   HIGH              LED

Wattage                                 2.4                   5                      1.8

Mean Life @ 12V                 3000 hrs        2000 hrs        60,000 hrs

Amps @ 12V                         230mA           380 mA          150 mA

Light Output                          22 Lux            237 Lux          400 Lux
@ 12 inches

Color Temp/CCT                    N/A                 3000K            3500K

CRI                                         N/A                 N/A                 92+

Approx. Hood                        123 F              130 F              98 F
Temperature (F)

Note:  Data numbers are approximate.  Also our new light, the Anser, has different performance specifications than our Signature LED.

Finding quality products can be difficult, but with gooseneck lights from Littlite, what you see is what you get! We’re so confident in our products, we back them with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information about our different LED reading lights and all of our Littlite products please visit us at:

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